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Process Purpose:

To request time-off and having it approved.

Process Input:

Filling out the request off and notifying your team lead of your request. 

Process Flow:

  1. Check the Team Calendar

    1. Within your Google Calendar, ensure the ‘Team Calendar’ is marked so you see the calendar

    2. Check to see if anyone from your team is already off.

    3. Take into consideration the workload 

    4. Give at least one week notice for your request

  2. Fill out the Time Off Request form in Slack

    1. You can access the form from the DailyBot by typing @timeoffrequest and pressing Enter

    2. You can also access the form within the #teamcalendar channel in Slack, pinned at the top

  3. Once you submit your form, your request will be approved or denied

  4. If the request is approved, the COO will add your time-off to the Team Calendar