As a user of our platform, you may need to update your account details from time to time. This could be due to a change of name, email address, phone number, or address. The good news is that updating your details is a straightforward process that can be done in a few easy steps.

Here’s how you can update your account details:

Step 1: Select "My Account" from your profile's dropdown.

Step 2: Once you click "My Account", it will take you to this page where you can edit your account details.

You will see all the fields that you can update. Click the field you’d like to change.

Step 3: After you’ve added the updated details, click "save changes".

Please note that if you are updating your email address, and you have a course with a voucher package, please email with the changes, so we can update our database to have your voucher details sync with your new account email.