Make sure you are logged in to the site properly. Go to and click "Login" to log in to your account.

If you forgot your account details, please read through How to reset my password?

Once you have successfully logged in, select the course you are trying to access the lab in and start the course.

Navigate through the left navigation bar until you see the course sections that containing "Lab:" 

Click on that section and once you see the screen below, it means the lab product is working properly.

If you do not see the screen above, please email

Once you click on the the link to the hands-on lab, a new window will appear with the practice lab.

If the above window does not appear, the page is blank, the lab is not working or not responding, email at

If you get errors such as "not able to authenticate" or "the license has expired or have questions about how to complete the lab and need educational assistance, please email us at