It can be frustrating when you miss your scheduled exam appointment. However, it's important to note that if a candidate fails to show up for their scheduled exam appointment, their exam voucher is voided by PearsonVue, and we cannot reissue a Take2 voucher for this.

Take2 vouchers can only be used for a retake of an exam after a failure has occurred. We cannot activate a Take2 voucher without a copy of your score report showing the failing score. This means that if you miss your exam appointment or do not take the exam, your Take2 voucher will not be activated.

In the voucher email itself, it is explicitly stated that you must contact our support team at and provide a copy of your failed exam results if you fail the exam on your first attempt with the Take2 option. It is essential to note that all vouchers, including any retakes, expire nine months from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted.

The retake is only valid for the same exam version that you failed. You cannot use the retake for a different version of the exam. To be eligible for the free retake using your Take2 option, your invoice must show that you purchased the Take2 option when buying your exam voucher from

It's essential to read the terms and conditions listed on our website when you purchased your exam voucher from Please note that if you fail to show up for your scheduled exam appointment or miss your exam, we cannot reissue a Take2 voucher.

If there was a technical issue that prevented you from taking the exam, I recommend you contact PearsonVue to see if they can reinstate your initial exam voucher so that you can take the exam in a local testing center if you had technical issues.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our support team at We are happy to assist you.