We are a small company with a big impact, that's how!
Like the old saying goes, "We make it up on volume." Even though we are a small company, we help over 50,000 students (and counting) earn their IT certifications each and every year.

How? Well, we have the benefit of scale that a traditional, classroom-based company can't match. When you take a course with us, you are getting the BEST course we have produced for that certification (which is awesome for YOU). But, this is also awesome for US because it allows us to scale to help more students at a lower cost.

Why? Unlike a traditional, in-person training course where they have to pay an instructor every single time the course is run, we only had to film the perfect course once. This keeps our overhead low and allows us to focus on what matters, giving you the BEST training experience, all without you having to leave your home or office.

So, instead of having to pay an instructor thousands of dollars each week to run a class with 20 students, we can instead focus on building you the BEST course and sell that same course to thousands of other students. Additionally, since we help so many happy students get certified each year, we don't need to spend a lot of money on advertising. Our satisfied and certified students are better than Facebook ads anyway!

Again, this leads to lower overhead for our company, and we pass the savings on to our students.