Many professional courses offer a letter of completion to signify that a participant has successfully completed the course requirements. This document, however, is not equivalent to an official certification. This article will cover the distinctions between a course completion letter and an official certificate, and the role of testing authorities like PeopleCert and Pearson Vue.

Course Completion Letter

A course completion letter is a document provided by the course provider that confirms a student has successfully completed the course requirements. This letter typically includes the following information:

  1. Course title and duration
  2. Participant's name
  3. Course provider's name and logo
  4. Date of completion
  5. A unique reference number or code for verification purposes
  6. Signature of the course provider or instructor

It is important to note that a course completion letter is not the same as an official certification. While it demonstrates that a participant has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills, it does not provide formal recognition of their expertise or qualification.

Official Certification

To obtain an official certification, participants must take an exam administered by a recognized testing authority. These exams evaluate the participant's knowledge, skills, and competency in a particular field or subject. Upon passing the exam, the testing authority issues an official certificate, which serves as proof of the participant's expertise and qualification.

In the case of our courses, the official certificates are issued by either PeopleCert or PearsonVue, depending on the specific exam. These testing authorities are globally recognized and accredited, ensuring that the certification holds weight and credibility in the professional world.


PeopleCert is an internationally recognized certification body that specializes in delivering certification exams across various industries, including IT, business, and language skills. Some popular certifications offered by PeopleCert include ITIL, PRINCE2, and Lean Six Sigma.


Pearson Vue is a leading global provider of computer-based testing services for academic, government, and professional certifications. They deliver exams for numerous organizations, including Cisco, CompTIA, and VMware.


A course completion letter serves as an acknowledgment that a participant has successfully completed a course, while an official certification, obtained through passing an exam from a recognized testing authority like PeopleCert or Pearson Vue, provides formal recognition of a participant's expertise and qualification. It is essential for individuals pursuing professional certifications to understand the difference between these two documents and ensure they have the appropriate credentials to demonstrate their expertise in their chosen field.